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L-com 2.4/5GHz 9dBi Dual Band Dual Pol 2x2 MIMO Omni Antenna

SKU: ANT-239
L-COM 2.4/5GHz 9dBi Dual Band Dual Polarised 2x2 MIMO Omni Antenna
Frequency Category
2.4GHz , 5GHz
Wireless Standards
802.11a , 802.11b , 802.11g , 802.11n , 802.11ac
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Package Contents
The HyperLink HG2458-09DPU2 is a professional high gain dual band/dual polarity omnidirectional base station antenna designed and optimized for 2.4 and 5 GHz frequencies. This antenna is ideally suited for multipoint applications where long range and wide coverage is desired.

The HG2458-09DPU2 is actually two antennas in one, a 2.4/5 GHz horizontal polarized antenna and a 2.4/5 GHz vertical polarized antenna together in a single radome. Each polarization features separate dual band feeds, two N-Female connectors in total.

This antenna incorporates advanced dual polarization technology that allows for the interoperability of two radio transmit and receive paths. This technology allows for the attenuation of unwanted signals from adjacent channels and/or co-located equipment.

The HG2458-09DPU2 construction features a heavy-duty UV resistant PVCs radome for durability and aesthetics. Designed to operate in the harshest of environments, the HG2458-09DPU2 far exceeds other omnidirectional antennas. The included mounting system features twin heavy-duty mounting clamps and bolts for superior strength.
  • MIMO - Multiple-Input and Multiple-Output
  • Dual polarity/dual frequency feed system in single enclosure
  • Separate inputs horizontal and vertical polarization
  • UV-Resistant radome for all-weather operation
  • Heavy duty industrial grade design
Manufacturer's Product CodeHG2458-09DPU2
Frequency Range2400-2500MHz, 5100-5800MHz
Gain6dBi @ 2.4GHz, 9dBi @ 5GHz
Vertical Beamwidth30deg @ 2.4GHz, 12deg @ 5GHz
Horizontal Beamwidth360deg
Connector Type(2) N-Type Female
Dimensions974 x 75mm