Veracity HIGHWIRE Ethernet Over Coax Device No PoE

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Veracity VHW-HW HIGHWIRE Ethernet Over Coax Device No PoE
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Veracity HIGHWIRE turns any analogue video cable into a high-speed network connection. This allows the replacement of analogue cameras with IP cameras without installation of any new cabling, which can save some 30-40% of the system cost. Universal connections for coax, network and power, with no user set-up required, make installation easy and fast. Use HIGHWIRE as a cost-effective means to deploy network connections beyond 100 metres - for example a buried RG-11 cable can be used to deliver a network connection between buildings 500 metres apart. HIGHWIRE can be used on legacy coaxial cables found in rail transport or elsewhere, and its universal power input makes it well-suited to low-voltage installations. Because coaxial cable will coil and bend properly, unlike Cat 5 cable, HIGHWIRE provides an ideal means to provide network access to elevator carriages, for VoIP, security, lift panel and other devices.
  • Reuse legacy cable when upgrading from analog to IP security
  • Auto-optimizing for all 75 Ohm coaxial cable: 280m (920ft) full-rate over video-grade RG-59 (Up to 350m depending on cable quality) 350m (1150ft) full-rate over RG-6 500m (1640ft) full-rate over RG-1
  • Auto-configuring for speed (10BASE-T or 100BASE-T) and duplex Use with Cat 5, Cat 5e or Cat 6 patch or crossover cables
  • Auto type and polarity detection with detachable screw terminal connector 10-40V DC (max current 140mA at 12V) 20-28V AC (max current 70mA at 24V)
Manufacturer's Product CodeVHW-HW
Interface 1 Connector typeBNC 75ohm
Interface 1 Cable type75ohm (RG59 or similar)
Interface 1 RangeUp to 300m [1100ft] on RG59, 500m on RG11 [1600ft] at full rate
Interface 1 Bandwith200Mbps (total up + down)
Interface 2 Connector typeRJ45
Interface 2 Cable typeStraight through or cross-over, auto detected
Interface 2 Bandwith100Base-T, full duplex with auto negotiation
Operating Voltage8-57V DC or 20-28V AC (type and polarity auto detected)
Supply Current120mA (12V), 60mA (24V)
Max Power Consumption1.5 watts
DimensionsL 104mm (83mm excluding connectors) W 54mm H 24mm
Power SupplyUnit Only, PSU not included

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