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Go Wireless NZ is committed to bringing the latest hardware to enable you to build your Internet of Things (IoT) network. We have multiple options including Cambium cnReach 200MHz and 400MHz Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) point to point and Point to Multipoint systems for Non-Line of sight communications. LoRaWAN and Sigfox are also enabling the connection of thousands of devices over large geographical areas and there are endless options for the “Things” that can be connected.

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 Tycon TPDIN-Monitor-Web2 Remote Monitor


In stock
$285.00 + GST
Price / KG:

 Digital Loggers DIN4 Web Controlled DIN Relay IV


In stock
$359.00 + GST
Price / :

 Cambium PTP 650/670 Series GPS Sync Unit


In stock
$525.00 + GST
Price / :

 Cambium CMM5 Cluster Management Module Controller


In stock
$1,195.00 + GST
Price / KG: