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L-com Telephone/DSL Lightning Surge Protector

SKU: LP-36
Indoor High Power Telephone/DSL Lightning Surge Protector - Screw Terminals
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The L-com HGLN-D2 series of high performance 3-stage lightning protector provide superior protection of differential or balanced digital or analog lines from transients and surges. The units will protect two pairs of differential data or analog signal/control lines. The first stage is comprised of a differential gas discharge tube. Stage two is a pair of current limiting series resistors and the final stage is a low capacitance diode array. The use of three terminal differential gas discharge tubes provides superior common and differential mode protection against conducted transients versus the use of lower cost two terminal tubes. The second stage series resistance limits the power dissipation of the third stages faster diode clamp array. This allows time for the slower but higher power gas tubes to turn on. The diode array clamps the leading edge of fast transients to safe levels until the high power gas tubes turn on. This eliminates the damaging leading edge spike that single stage gas tube protectors let leak through. The diode array’s low capacitance assures that the high speed signals will not be degraded by the suppressor. The 3-stage design can handle higher-level transients than a protector that uses only diodes.
  • Industrial grade cast aluminum construction with integral mounting feet
  • 3-Stage fail safe surge protection
  • Screw terminals
  • Protection of digital or analog signal or control lines & provision for shielded cables
  • Superior to diode or TVS only based designs
Manufacturer's Product CodeHGLN-D2-DT
Connector Type 1Terminal Block
Connector Type 2Terminal Block
Clamping VoltageStage 1: ± 230 volts; Stage 2: ± 170 volts
Dimensions114.3 x 63.5 x 38.1