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Adeunis Pulse for LoRaWAN™ AU915-928 Soldered battery

PULSE for LoRaWAN™ AU915-928
Soldered battery
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Adeunis LoRaWAN US915-928 Pulse is a ready to use radio transmitter that can be used to transform any type of meter into a wireless meter (smart meter). This product meets the needs of users who require to remotely monitor the consumption of different fluids like water, gas, electricity, heat etc. or any other phenomenon with an impulse interface like a rain gauge, odometer etc.

The use of the LoRaWAN protocol allows the user to integrate the LoRaWAN US915-928 Pulse into any network that is already deployed. Two 3 wires-meters or one 5 wires-meters may be controlled by a single LoRaWAN US915-928 Pulse transmitter thus permitting a significant reduction in implementation and deployment costs.

The product emits the data from the meters periodically with or without history. It allows also the detection of tamper, and leakage, and the flow calculation with transmission possibilities on exceeding high or low thresholds. The configuration of the transmitter is accessible by the user via a micro-USB port or remotely via the LoRaWAN network, allowing in particular a choice of modes of transmission, periodicity or triggering thresholds.

The LoRaWAN US915-928 Pulse is powered by a non-replaceable internal battery.
  • Up to 2 connectable meters
  • Tamper and leak detection
  • Flow rate monitoring
  • Local and remote configuration
  • Controlled consumption for optimal autonomy
  • Exist in ATEX version
Product CodeARF8230IA
Supply voltageNominal 3.6V
RF power (dBm)20 dBm
Power supply BatteryLi-SOCl2
Maximum Power90mA
Working temperature-25°C / +70°C
Dimensions105 x 50 x 27mm
Casing IP67
LoRaWAN zoneAU915-928
Included accessoriesCompression gland with nut, 3 compression seals, 2 CBLZ 2.2 x 19mm screws, 2 Fischer SX4 plugs