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Solar Controller Battery Temp Sensor

SKU: MP3725
Battery Temperature Sensor for Solar Charge Controllers
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Designed to compensate the charging voltage of PV charge controllers and lead acid battery chargers. It's an integrated circuit temperature sensor, sealed in epoxy to a copper sensor lug that connects to the battery terminal. It has a sensing temperature range of -40° to 100°C. The sensor IC has a sensor gain of 10mV/degree Celsius and it is calibrated with the temperature compensation circuit of our PV charge controllers at 25° at the rate of 20mV per degree of temperature change, for example, a temperature increase of 10° will decrease the charging voltage by 200mV, and a decrease of 10° will increase the charging voltage by 200mV. Suitable for solar charge controllers MP-3129, MP-3722, MP-3724.
  • Min temperature: -40°C
  • Max temperature: 100°C
  • Output voltage at 25°C: 2.98V
  • Sensor gain: 10mV/°C
  • Impedance: 0.6 ohms
  • Max forward current: 10mA
  • Max reverse current: 15mA
Manufacturer's Product CodeMP3725
WarrantyStandard 12 Month RTB