Digital Loggers POE15 15V Smart Midspan 8 Port Power over Ethernet Injector

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Digital Loggers POE15 15V Smart Midspan POE Injector with Auto-Reboot
Package Contents
Digital Loggers POE15 15V Smart Midspan 8 Port Power over Ethernet Injector. Restart access points automatically. Keep all your radios running reliably. Improve customer service and satisfaction. This semi-active 8-port 15V POE midspan injector is designed at customer request for full compatibility with Ubiquiti, Tranzeo, Engenius, and other POE products that operate on 15V. Add reliability. Simplify installations. Reduce cabling. Eliminate the bulky UPS, separate POE injectors and power switchgear. One unit powers, controls and reboots any POE device securely from any web browser. Eliminate service calls and unnecessary truck rolls. The injector can automatically sense when an IP device goes down and reboot by power cycling. Multi-user control pages can be accessed from any web browser. Scripting, syslog, auto-ping automatic reboot, and WOL are standard features. Removable rack/wall mount brackets are included. Utilities like our new email alerter are free. Directly connect an external 12V battery for true uninterrupted power without a UPS. The injector senses both battery and AC power, switching instantly to the best power source. The built-in trickle charger will fully float-charge anything from a small gel-cell to a car battery without overcharging. Power surges, static, and nearby lightning cause transients on POE lines. Dual gas-tube and SIDAC protectors on the POE lines provide clean, safe power to keep your equipment running rock-solid. The injector combines a semi-active 150W power injector plus an active current monitor that detects and corrects overloads. Get reliable operation through power surges and brown-outs. DLI controllers are used worldwide in machine tools, data centers, industrial, and telecom applications - over one million ports!
  • Power, control and remotely reboot any 15 volt POE device including WiFi Access Points and Radios.
  • Simple, reliable, plug-and-play operation. Sets up in minutes. Robust. Easy to use web interface.
  • Eight individual circuits are switched with up to 25W of power per port, up to a total of 150W. Separate control port is provided.
  • Enable the “Auto-Ping” feature to intelligently reboot a locked-up router, VoIP phone, server, camera or other device automatically, even during WAN outages.
  • Use scripts to automate control from remote locations. The internal web server gives you manual or automated control from anywhere in the world.
  • Operating modes, security options, web page links and LCD display are easily customized by the end-user.
  • Separate 10/100 autosensing control port connection with static IP allows reliable connection anywhere on your LAN, WAN, or over the Internet.
  • Multiple power-up recovery modes add safety and flexibility: timed, sequential on, all-off , last state, user program control, etc.
  • Full Wake On Lan (WOL) support.
  • Flexible design with no internal hub or switch. Supports 10/100 on POE ports. Fully configurable.
  • 24V and -48V versions are also available.
Manufacturer's Product CodePOE15
Battery ChargerTrickle charge to 14V. Suitable for flooded lead acid or gel-cell batteries up to 50AH
Input Voltage90-130VAC or 200-240VAC Changeable via Internal Switch
Ethernet Interface10/100 autosensing, Static IP, TCP port selectable, 8 pin RJ-45 w/ internal FCC filtering
Port Power (RJ-45)25W / 2A max per port, automatic current limiting
Power Switching8 individually switched POE ports with automatic over-current protection set to 500mA
Power Dissipation188W Max (full load w/ charger) <8W idle 94% Typical Efficiency
Operating Temperature-30º to 170ºF, -34º to 77ºC
MountingBrackets rotate for wall mount, front or rear rack mounting. Vented on all sides.
DimensionsOutside 6.25x17.00x1.75" RETMA 1-U Standard"
Power CordIEC Power Cord
PoE (non standard)

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