Tycon Power 24VDC 210W WET/GEL Battery Charger

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Tycon Power 24VDC 210W WET/GEL Battery Charger, 120/240VAC in, Overdischarge protection. Regulated 24VDC Load Output
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The Tycon Power TP-BC24-300 smart battery charger provide up to 210W of total power. Part of the power is allocated to the regulated load output and remaining power is allocated to battery charging. The smart battery charger is compatible with GEL/AGM type sealed lead acid batteries and also WET type lead acid batteries (like car batteries).

The load output is regulated so that output voltage does not exceed 12.5VDC on the 12V model and 24.5VDC on the 24V model and 48.5VDC on the 48V model. Also, the load output will turn off when the battery voltage is low to prevent over discharge of the batteries which can shorten the usable life of the batteries. Load output will turn back on automatically when batteries have sufficient charge. The TP-BC series provides seamless switchover from AC power to battery power so there is no interruption which could reset a user’s electronics. The charger auto-recovers from a power failure so no user action is necessary. The charger has various protections for short circuit, overvoltage protection, overcurrent and reverse battery. It operates over a wide temperature range making it suitable for industrial applications. The battery charger will not work without a battery connected.

A solar panel and solar charge controller can be added to the system if supplemental power from solar is desired. A Wind Turbine can be added if wind power is available. There are various LEDS on the front panel to see status-at-a-glance of the Load Output, Charging Condition and AC Power Condition.
  • 210W Total Power
  • Regulated 24VDC Output Voltage
  • Seamless Switchover From AC to Battery Power when AC Power Fails
  • Load Control to Prevent Battery Overdischarge with Automatic Recovery
  • Smart Charge program for GEL/AGM or WET type batteries
  • Wide temperature operation
Manufacturer's Product CodeTP-BC24-300
Nominal Battery Voltage24VDC
Load Output Max Current8A
Load Output Min Current1A
Charge VoltageWET Equalize = 28.8V, Float = 26.4V, GEL Equalize = 28.4V, Float = 27V
Self Consumption<5W
Dimensions250 x 185 x 55mm

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