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MikroTik Cube 60G ac CPE with Gigabit Ethernet and 5 GHz failover

SKU: CubeG-5ac60ad
MikroTik Cube 60G ac CPE with Gigabit Ethernet and 5 GHz failover
Wireless Technology
802.11a , 802.11n , 802.11ac , 802.11ad
Ethernet Speed
Frequency Category
5GHz , 60GHz
Integrated PoE
PoE (non standard) , PoE (802.3af/at)
In stock
Package Contents
MikroTik Cube 60G ac CPE with Gigabit Ethernet and 5 GHz 802.11ac failover. If you are managing networks in a large, busy area (like a park or a stadium), then you have probably experienced all kinds of problems – massive interference, signal loss during bad weather, etc. What if we told you that a single device can solve all these problems? The brand new Cube 60G ac is the simple solution you have been looking for!

It can easily cover a distance of 800 meters and reach fiber-like speed. The 60 GHz frequency is unaffected by the crowded wireless spectrum, it offers high speed and capacity. Traditional 60 GHz devices, however, can have limited connectivity during bad weather. But not the Cube 60G ac! It features an automatic 5 GHz backup connection, so you don’t have to worry about any downtime. The ?ube form-factor has been designed with function and durability in mind. And it attracts less unwanted attention due to its size and shape.
Product codeCubeG-5ac60ad
ArchitectureARM 32bit
CPU core count4
CPU nominal frequency716 MHz
IPsec hardware accelerationYes
WiGig chipsetQCA6335
WiGig antenna moduleWLQ14QDKR00
Supported protocol802.11ad
Max EIRP (dBm)40
Wireless 5 GHz802.11a/n/ac single chain
Dimensions130 x 130 x 132 mm
RouterOS license3
Operating SystemRouterOS
Size of RAM256 MB
Storage size16 MB
Storage typeFLASH
PoE in802.3af/at
PoE in input Voltage12-57 V
Number of DC inputs1 (PoE-IN)
Max power consumption9 W
Max power consumption without attachments9 W
MTBFApproximately 200'000 hours at 25C
Tested ambient temperature-40°C to 70°C
Power Supply24 V 0.8 A power adapter plus injector
Mounting hardwareinlcuded