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IgniteNet MetroLinq 2.5Gb 60GHz mmWave Wireless BaseStation

SKU: ML2.5-60-BF-18
IgniteNet MetroLinq 2.5Gb 60GHz mmWave BaseStation 120 deg Sector
Integrated PoE
PoE (non standard)
Wireless Technology
802.11ac , 802.11ad , Proprietary
Frequency Category
5GHz , 60GHz
Ethernet Speed
In stock
Package Contents
The IgniteNet MetroLinq 2.5G 60 Beamforming 120 Degree Sector ML2.5-60-BF-18, is a powerful 60 GHz mmWave MultiPoint wireless base-station packed with the latest technologies from IgniteNet. This new radio can achieve 2.5 Gbps capacity allowing the construction of multi-gigabit, future-proof hybrid fibre wireless networks quickly and cost-effectively. Using the latest phased array beamforming sector antenna design allows 120º area coverage with an improved performance when focusing the signal to a specific client when data is transmitted and received.

Note: Pole Mount Bracket Not Included, see below for two options; ICC-BRACKET-LR or ICC-BRACKET-STD

Compatible CPE Radios ML2.5-60-19, ML2.5-60-35, ML-60-19, ML-60-35, ML-60-LW and SF-AC1200-2
  • 2.5+ Gbps Aggregate throughput; dynamically allocated (60GHz)
  • Advanced 60GHz mmWave beam forming for easy alignment
  • 600Mbps Aggregate throughput; dynamically allocated (5GHz)
  • Management VLAN support and VLAN pass-through
  • Supports Service Provider and Enterprise type networks
  • Stand-alone or Cloud-controlled operating modes
  • Base Station mode and up to 32 endpoints (8 endpoints at launch)
  • Link failover/backup (60GHz + 5GHz)
  • 128bit AES Encryption (standard; 5GHz and 60GHz)
  • SNMP Monitoring with Private MIB
Manufacturer's CodeML2.5-60-BF-18
Hardware Features1x 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet Port (PoE IN 24-48v), 1x SFP Port, 1x Screw Terminal Block (DC Power IN 24-48v), 1x USB 3.0 Port, › Dual flash image support
LEDsPower, Ethernet, Wireless, Health/Status
Dimensions (L x W x H )190 x 190 x 60 mm/ 7.48 x 7.48 x 2.36 inch
Weight2 kg/ 4.41 lb with mount
Power24-48V/1A passive Gigabit PoE or DC
Operating Temperature-30 to 55C (-22 to 131 F)
Store Temperature-30 to 55C (-22 to 131 F)
Operating Humidity10 to 90% non-condensing (RH)
ComplianceFCC/IC, CE
RangeUp to 150m (BF to LW, location dependent), Up to 400m (BF to 19cm, location dependent), Up to 700m (BF to 35cm, location dependent)
RF Performance (TX)60GHz: 14dBm @ 4.62 Gbps, 5GHz: 27dBm @ 6Mbps, 23dBm @ 866Mbps
RF Performance (RX)60GHz: -74dBm @MCS1; -60dBm @ MCS9, 5GHz: -94dBm @MCS0; -72dBm @ MCS15
Antenna60GHz: 18dBi, 120 degrees, 5GHz: 15dBi, 120 degrees
CPE RadiosML2.5-60-19 & ML2.5-60-35
Mounting BracketPole Mount Bracket Not Included, see below for two options
Power SupplyIncluded