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Ubquiti 5GHz 11ac PrismStation Radio with 45deg Antenna

SKU: PS-5AC-45
Ubiquiti airMax ac PrismStation, 5GHz Radio, shielded and features airPrism Active RF Filter
2.4GHz , 5.0GHz
Wireless Standards
802.11a , 802.11b , 802.11g , 802.11n , 802.11ac
Ethernet Speed
Integrated PoE
PoE (non standard)
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Package Contents
The PrismStation 5AC directs RF energy in a tighter beamwidth using an interchangeable isolation antenna horn, available in both symmetrical and asymmetrical designs. With the focus in one direction, the PrismStation 5AC blocks or spatially filters out noise, so noise immunity is improved. This feature is especially important in an area crowded with other RF signals of the same or similar frequency.

With flexible sectorization for optional antenna beamwidths, the horn antenna is interchangeable and improves beam-shaping for specific deployment and environment needs. The PrismStation 5AC uses horn antenna sectors designed for increased co-location performance without sacrificing gain.

airMAX ac devices feature a multi-radio architecture to power a revolutionary RF analytics engine. An independent processor on the PCBA powers a second, dedicated radio, which persistently analyzes the full 5 GHz spectrum and every received symbol to provide you with the most advanced RF analytics in the industry.

The PrismStation 5AC comes with a 45deg isolation antenna. There are optional antennas that come with precise radiation angles for specific beam shaping, ranging from 30° to 90°, making them suitable for a wider range of installations.
Manufacturer's CodePS-5AC-45
Output Power28dBm
Frequency Range2412 - 2472MHz; 5150 - 5875 MHz
Interfaces(1) 10/100/1000 Ethernet Port
PoE In20 - 26VDC
Operating SystemUbiquiti airOS
Max Power consumption10W
Number of chains2
PolarisationDual Linear
Pole Diameter30-50mm
Dimensions174 x 174 x 184 mm
Power Supply3 Pin Clover Lead
Power Injector24V POE Injector
Pole MountMounting Kit Included
Antenna45 degree Horn Antenna Included