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MikroTik cAP Dual Band 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11ac Wireless Access Point

SKU: RbcAPGi-5acD2nD
Dual-band 2.4 / 5GHz wireless access point for mounting on a ceiling or wall with two Gigabit Ethernet ports (one with PoE output) and 802.11ac support
Frequency Category
2.4GHz , 5GHz
Wireless Technology
802.11a , 802.11b , 802.11g , 802.11n , 802.11ac
Ethernet Speed
Integrated PoE
PoE (802.3af/at)
Low stock
Package Contents
MikroTik cAP Dual Band 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11ac Wireless Access Point. The MikroTik cAP ac is a very capable and powerful wireless access point that looks beautiful on both walls and ceilings. The concurrent dual band wireless radio supports dual chain 2 GHz and 5 GHz in 802.11ac and legacy standards, and will provide coverage in 360 degrees around it. Even though the radio supports repeater mode, the two Ethernet ports give you the ability to extend your network with cables, even if PoE power is required, since the cAP ac supports 802.3af/at PoE input on the first port, and passive PoE output (up to 57V) on the second port.
Product codeRBcAPGi-5acD2nD
CPU nominal frequency716 MHz
CPU core count4
Size of RAM128 MB
10/100/1000 Ethernet ports2
Wireless standards2412 - 2484 MHz; 5150 - 5875 MHz
PoE InPoE-in 802.3af/at, PoE-out (Passive, Ethernet port 2), 17-57 V
DimensionsRound case: 136 mm x 136 mm, height: 30 mm; Square case: 145 mm x 145 mm x 30 mm
Operating SystemRouterOS
License level4
Antenna gain DBI2.5dBi
Max Power consumption13W
Output Power26dBm
Power Supply24VDC 1.2A PSU
Power InjectorRBGPOE
Mounting HardwareCeiling Mount