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Need a link in more than two places? Our licensed wireless MultiPoint radios from Cambium Networks, Ubiquiti Networks and Mimosa are excellent solutions. Ideal for enterprise services such as data, VoIP, video conferencing video surveillance and backup connection service covering a distance of over 100km. Feel free to contact one of our friendly staff if you need link planning assistance

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 Ubiquiti Rocket M3 3.5GHz 802.11 320mW Outdoor AP/Bridge

Rocket M3
In stock
$305.00 + GST
Price / :

 Cambium PTP 450 3.5GHz Integrated Radio

In stock
$995.00 + GST
Price / KG:

 Ubiquiti airFiber 3X 3GHz Backhaul Radio

In stock
$1,325.00 + GST
Price / KG: