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    TruAudio Outdoor Landscape Speaker


    TruAudio - A true Innovator in Premium Architectural Speakers

    TruAudio speakers are constructed with materials proven to perform. This includes the right mixture of woven carbon fiber, titanium, aluminum and polypropylene. Every crossover is built to match each driver and then tested to make sure it delivers to pure perfection.

    Lifetime Warranty

    Now, if all that's not enough, we back all this with a lifetime warranty. No wonder TruAudio is quickly becoming the choice for custom architectural speakers.
    (Electronic Products have a 2 year warranty, Outdoor Products including Rock Speakers and Components have a 5 year warranty).
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    What our dealers are saying about TruAudio

    • After setting up the CC5.1 System, "Recently we finished our first distributed audio system using TruAudio architectural loudspeakers. Since it was our first job with TruAudio products, we chose to use them in rooms where the client was not as concerned with the overall performance of the system. To our surprise, the TruAudio speakers actually performed just as well as the other name brand speakers installed in the more critical areas. The fact that the TruAudio speakers sounded great was no surprise, but that they did it at almost half the price of our usual brand of choice was amazing. With TruAudio, we can now offer the same level of performance our clients have come to expect from our products, but at a fraction of the cost."

      Rich Latta


    • (using the family's broken-down, 22-year old, floor-standing, box-speakers as SAT.1 placement "pedestals" Left and Right), no one believed all that "full-bodied" sound was actually coming from such tiny speakers. You literally had to walk over and put your hand on the old, "floor-standing" speaker boxes to prove to yourself that only the SAT.1 speakers were active! This "you won't believe your ears" audio achievement is a strong testimony for the performance of the SAT.1 satellites, and also the powerful, yet seamless integration qualities of the SUB.1 subwoofer."

      Raymond Ochrle


    • "I have installed for several years and I have never heard a better speaker for the money. As a dealer I have access to a lot of different manufactures of speakers, when I was looking for speakers for my personal home theater. I did not hesitate and went with TruAudio. I would put them up against any other manufacturer."

      Troy Perry


    • "I have been in the A/V business all of my life and in this industry innovation is common place, but when innovation meets unparalleled customer service then you've got something to brag about. Let me be the first to say these the guys and gales over at TruAudio most definitely have something to brag about. They have somehow managed to combine rock solid performance and fist rate service at a price that nobody can touch! The CF-6 is without a doubt the finest in ceiling speaker I have ever heard at any price range and the DW-83 just steals the show. Even without a sub you can make them your main speakers and make even the worst clients happy. I'm not a fan of small speaker packages but the 5.1 system has made a Tru believer out of me. All of us here would like to thank you for every thing you do to help our business and we look forward to many years to come."

      Casey Holder


    • "I was a new company when I found TruAudio at one of the tradeshows. I was looking for a speaker company to use exclusively. I also wanted to form a kind of "partnership" with a speaker company like I had done with a few of my other lines. The more I looked into TruAudio the more I liked. Once I started with them, I found they were easy to sell. They sound great and are priced below most others brands. Plus they have outstanding customer service. I have been selling them now for about 18 months and never had any kind of issue. There are still a few things they are missing in their line but they assure me they will have them soon. TruAudio will continue to be my main and only speaker line."

      Jeff Posner


    • "I've been doing business with Tim White and the team at TruAudio since I started my company and I would like to state a few things why I do business with them. Their loyalty to the people they choose to do business with is impeccable. Not only do they develop their own products they listen to their dealers when something doesn't work and changes it. Not only do I have a business relationship with TruAudio, I can honestly say that I have friends at TruAudio. Doing business with the people at TruAudio over the past 2 years has been an honor and I hope that they continue with what they bring to us in this industry because they definitely stand apart from their competition."

      Kenneth Schultz


    • "TruAudio promises "unsurpassed custom service", to "protect the brand", and offers up a "Lifetime Warranty" on their products. We feel that TruAudio has lived up to their promises and fulfilled all of our expectations. We have always been and continue to be TruBelievers."

      Derek Goodia


    • "We recommend TruAudio products for three simple reasons: The performance is there. The reliability is there (as is the warranty to prove it). The value is there. Because for the performance and reliability, the price is "right"!

      Mike Newman