Wyma Engineering Case

From Orchard To Office - Wyma Engineering’s Journey to Fruitful Global Networking with MikroTik

“The MikroTik solution allowed us to have a much more simplified deployment model that previous brand hardware with better reliability and faster implementation.” - Max Walford - IT Admin for Wyma Engineering Canterbury
Momac Case

Ubiquiti and Grandstream Networks Work in Harmony as New Zealand Tunes in to Watch Live Rally Sprint

“We had 60,000 views, five times more than any other motorsport live stream we had previously done and this was due to the quality of the event and the stream we could provide because of the wifi network we created using the Grandstream and Ubiquiti products.” - Ryan McDonald - Director of MoMac
ECS Case

ECS Choose Cambium To Pick, Pack And Perform.

“We have a first-class network, with 100% coverage across our entire 120m warehouse; every corner between shelving has full coverage.  We were very impressed that Cambium Networks offer a cloud-based or on-premise controller at no extra cost.”
- Shayne Harris - Automation & IT Network Engineer for ECS
Momac Case

Audio Production Company Uses Grandstream WiFi APs to Deliver Amazing Experiences

“We were blown away with the ease of setup (especially for creating a mesh) and range of this unit! The 300m range is not an exaggeration and fills our needs perfectly. We were also impressed with being able to setup a master unit and the flexibility of the built-in management controller. Very handy not having to cart around another piece of equipment to act as a controller.”
- Michael Buckley, BounceNZ

High-capacity wireless network deployed at Victory Convention Centre

“The project involved the highest number of devices being simultaneously connected to a wireless network for Intellium and illustrates the New Zealand owned and operated company’s ability to successfully implement a complex high-capacity network.”
- Chris Adams, Victory Convention Centre Venue Manager

Tonga Red Cross Relies on Grandstream for Critical Communications

“It was a big leap forward for the Tongan Red Cross Society as they suddenly had these “smart IP phones” on their desks and all this call functionality they didn’t previously have. This experience has given us huge confidence to deploy the UCM series around other Pacific Islands where PSTN is the only option currently.” - Kraig Winters, ServerWorks

Service Provider Relies on Grandstream ATAs to Deliver Reliable VoIP Platforms

“We’ve now started supplying Grandstream as our primary vendor of ATAs (mostly HT801). Since the switch, our customers have been experiencing very reliable VoIP connectivity and our service calls have gone down significantly. ” - Richard Mahoney, StrataNet

Boutique Cottages in New Zealand Countryside Relies on Grandstream’s Long-Range WiFi AP

“After changing to a Grandstream GWN7600LR, all of our problems were solved in one go. It was really easy to install and setup, and happy customers mean our TripAdvisor score is rising steadily.” - Robert King-Tenison, Murchison Computers

Orana Wildlife Park Choose UniFi Surveillance to Focus Efforts Remotely

“By adopting UniFi Protect, we now have greater job flexibility and efficiency with remote management. We can focus 100 per cent on animal care and education, and spend less time waiting on unncessary technology lag.” - Toby Johnson - Engagement and IT Manager for Orana Wildlife Park

Orana Wildlife Park Choose UniFi for Public Announcements and Streamlined Communication Across 50 Acres of Land

“By adopting Ubiquiti UniFi’s EDU devices we have streamlined communication across our 50-acre public area allowing for general communication to our park visitors for such things as presentation times and impending closing announcements. The system will also prove very useful if ever needed in an emergency.” -Toby Johnson - Education and IT Manager for Orana Wildlife Park

Comm on wheels at the ‘Race to the Sky Event.’ Cardrona Valley, 18 – 19 April 2015. “We moved 67GB of data in 3 days for the event without failure”

“Ubiquiti AC gear worked a treat and was instrumental on delivering such services as:  race timing, media file transfers, internet access, audio streaming, big screen TV, EFTPOS, as well as relaying live TV from multiple locations back to the editors without jitter.” - Gareth Bennett - Director of RadioSystems Ltd

How Orana Wildlife Park and Children’s University are Inspiring Future Studies in Zoology and Biology.

“This project has allowed children to observe live animal behaviours from home, breaking down barriers that may have impacted them from visiting in person. These activities also proved valuable for CU members being able to observe the animals during Covid-19 restrictions.” - Jack Swannell - Learning Co-Ordinator for Te Mātāpuna Mātātahi Children’s University.

Public Wi-Fi Connects Residents and Businesses in Taranaki

PRIMO, A Wireless Internet Service Provider (WISP), made it their mission to deliver the best broadband services to homes, farms and businesses in the Taranaki region of New Zealand.

Smooth Transition to Higher Speed

“All customers noticed an improved throughput and higher results with speed tests,” said Taylor. “Many customers were happy that we were also able to remove their PMP 100 reflector dishes and only needed to use the basic model SM.” - Ray Taylor, CEO, Taylor Broadband

High capacity wireless network brings blast of colour to North Canterbury

“This is the first-time we have had a professional Wi-Fi setup at one of our festivals. In the past we have had makeshift arrangements which simply haven’t performed as we needed. At this years Rangiora Festival of Colour, the WiFi provided by Go Wireless NZ performed above expectations.”
- Karl Horwarth, Event Manager.