PoE World Universal PoE Tester V7

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Universal PoE Tester V7 with Display
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PoE World Universal PoE Tester V7.

This device reports the type of PoE that is on an Ethernet cable via OLED display, with this device you can quickly find out what PoE method is available along with the approximate voltage, pinout and polarity. It can also be placed inline for constant monitoring on a cable.

You can use it with passive injectors, 802.3af, 802.3at, 802.3bt with 568A, 568B standards or reverse PoE polarity. Mode A and Mode B PoE is supported. If you are far from the PoE switch or injector – this convenient device will show if a port has power.
  • Data passes without modification thru the tester
  • An RF transformer separates the power and data from all 4 pairs on the input, measures the values and re-inserts power onto the output data
  • Measure power without interruption of data
  • Works with managed or unmanaged Ethernet switches, or injectors
  • Works with midspan or endspan PoE systems
802.3af Voltage Range44 to 56 volts, 2% accuracy
Mode A/B Passive Voltage Range4 to 56 volts, 2% accuracy
DC Connector Voltage Range3.5 to 57 volts, 2% accuracy
PoE Amps Measured0 to 1500 ma, 2% accuracy
DC Amps Measured0 to 5 amps, 2% accuracy

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